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1. Phone order

You can order by phone at all times using the landline or cellphone 0736.396.602 number. An operator will take over your order and will record the invoicing details and the delivery address.

2. E-mail order

You can order at any time by sending an email at secretariat@farmaclass.ro

The email must comprise a phone number where we can contact you, the invoicing details, and the delivery details, the selected product and amount. An operator will contact you by phone and will confirm the registration of your order.

3. Online order

In order to access the desired category of products, use the navigation menu on the left.

(The button "Website map" will show the localization of the products in the shop. The filters corresponding to each category will help you find the product according to the specifications or features you need. Thus you can view only the products that meet your requirements. For a new search, you must remove the initially placed filters.

n order to compare apparently similar products, once you access the page of a product, use the comparison mode taping the button "Comparison system ". The comparison can only be performed for the products within the same category. You can compare up to 4 products at a time.) – This paragraph is not valid in our case, so it will be removed.


In order to find the desired product, you can also use the box Search products in the shop situated in the upper left side.


In order to preview a potential order, you can add the desired products in Cart and then view them tapping the Cart button in the upper right side. You do not need to be logged in for this action. It is also from here that you can "View" or "Empty the shopping cart".

The effective order is made in 3 steps: Step 1 of 3 - Add products into the cart, Step 2 of 3 - Insert delivery data, and Step 3 of 3 - Press the "Send order" button.


3.1 Step 1 of 3 > Shopping cart

The shopping cart is in the upper right side. In order to add a product in the shopping cart, you must select the product first, then the amount, and eventually click on the "Add to cart" button.

The amount is selected using the "Increase amount" or "Decrease amount" button, that changes with one unit the number of desired products.

In the Shopping cart you can find the products selected by you. Here you can also modify the desired elements and amount. In order to change the elements and/or the amount, click on the "Update cart" button. If you want to buy other products as well, return to the shop pressing the "Product name" button, the "Continue shopping" button, the "Home page" button or the "Website map" button.

(If you have the code of a voucher, you can type it and then tap the "Use voucher" button.) to be removed.

(Here you must also insert the payment method, checking one of the available payment options: "Cash/ Cash on delivery" or "Purchase order".) To be removed

3.2 Step 2 of 3 > Order delivery details: personal data, invoicing data, delivery address, data for account creation.

If you already are a farmaclass-shop.ro customer, fill in the "I already am a customer" form with the logging details (your email and password). The last invoicing data will be automatically displayed. You can leave them as such or you can change them on this very page.

If this is your first order on the online shop www.farmaclass-shop.ro, fill in the "I am a new customer" form with:

invoicing data (compulsory)

delivery address (compulsory)

the manner you want your order confirmed (compulsory)

the authentication data (compulsory) in order to create a valid account.


If you do not want to create an account or you want to perform this formality later on, select the option "I want to make one order". Next you will have to fill in the compulsory fields marked with a star, the delivery manner and the payment option. We must mention the fact that if you chose "Payment order", the shipping of the order will be performed only after we receive the confirmation that the money reached our account.

3.3 Step 3 of 3 > Complete order

After you check the correctness of the data in the Shopping cart and Order delivery details, complete the order by tapping the "Send order" button.

If you still need to change the products, amounts or the payment method, you can do it directly in this page of the Shopping cart. If you still need to change the contact information, the invoicing details, or the delivery address, you can do it directly in this page. Then tap the "Send order" button in the left lower part of the ordering page.

You will be shortly contacted by an operator to validate the order.

Enjoy your shopping!