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Giardinon syrup

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Giardinon contains plant extracts (thyme and marigold) effective in purging intestinal parasites.  The thyme extract has proven effectiveness in purging giardia and pinworms. The marigold extract favors the movement of the gallbladder, a beneficial effect in case of giardiasis and pinworm infection.  The propolis extract favors the purging of intestinal parasites due to the anthelmintic effect, having at the same time an antimicrobial and fungicide effect.    Giardinon prevents the reproduction of microorganisms in the intestine and favors the gallbladder movements.  It is well tolerated by the body. It does not determine secondary effects in the liver. Since it contains honey, it can be easily administered to children.  It does not contain sugar.

Giardinon is recommended for purging intestinal parasites: giardia and pinworms.

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