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Tussinon Junior syrup

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Tussinon junior honey syrup is recommended especially for children, to fight cough that accompanies various disorders of the airways: bronchitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, acute and chronic pneumonia.
The Hedera helix (ivy) extract has proven effects on the airways disorders. It is expectorant, mucolytic, bronchospasmolitic, all leading to a very good cough relieving action. Its efficiency is enhanced by the association with the following extracts: Grindelia robusta, Plantago sp. (plantain), Thymus vulgaris (thyme), Turiones pini (pine seeds) in a mixture with honey syrup. The plant species were attentively selected due to their effects: bronchospasmolitic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, fluidization of the bronchial secretions. Honey intervenes as a very good emollient of the respiratory tract.
Consequently, Tussin Junior is effective in soothing cough accompanying cold, flue, respiratory virus disease in children.

Cough of various etiologies.


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