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Artrocalm 50% GRATIS

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Artrocalm is a maximum efficiency biologically active complex that acts on the articular areas, determining the decrease of pain and inflammation. Its role is to protect and regenerate the articular cartilage. Initially, the combination of Boswellia and Harpagophytum rapidly contributes to the reduction of pain and inflammation developed in the case of rheumatic diseases. Harpagophytum procumbens has an anti-inflammatory action comparable to the nonsteroidal derivatives, without determining the occurrence of side effects. Boswellia is another well-known efficient anti-inflammatory agent, effective in rheumatic diseases. Then, chondroitin sulfate has a high efficiency on the cartilage, determining the significant improvement of the articular mobility. It participates to the formation of the cartilage matrix, thus determining the improvement of the mechanical and elastic properties of the cartilage, leading to the improvement of the articular mobility, affected in the case of rheumatic degenerative diseases. Zinc intervenes in an effective manner in order to protect and preserve the health of the articulations. All these effects lead to the significant improvement of articular mobility, to the reduction of pain and inflammation developed in the case of rheumatic diseases.

Recommendations: improves pain caused by the rheumatic diseases in the affected areas (knee, hip, shoulder, spine) and in the areas subject to traumas; it improves the articular mobility.

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