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A product specially designed for persons with type 2 (insulin dependent) diabetes and for those with low tolerance to glucose. Diabexal® is a combination of biologically active substances of vegetable origin and zinc, whose combine effect is to reduce the blood sugar level; it also has a strong detoxifying, antioxidant effect. The significant effectiveness is determined by the extract of Momordica, with proven clinical effects on the reduction of blood sugar. It acts by reducing the level of blood glucose. It favors the cell recapture of glucose, determining the release of insulin and enhancing its effects. Moreover, numerous clinical trials demonstrated the capacity of Momordica extract on the reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides level. The association between blueberry, black mulberry, stinging nettle, birch, zinc and Momordica extract determine Diabexal to have a complex and effective action as adjutant to the insulin dependent diabetes.

Adjutant in type 2 (insulin dependent) diabetes; cases of low tolerance to glucose; hyperlipidemia.

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