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Exotab spray

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Recent studies showed the benefits of using the Avena sativa and Arctium lappa extract present in Exotab® that lead to diminishing the cigarettes addiction, having at the same time a very good detoxifying effect. Exotab® also contains the following extracts: Eleutherococcus senticosus, Passiflora incarnata that, due to their adaptogenic and anxiolytic effects not only preserve the wellbeing of the body that can be altered in case of giving up smoking, but they also improve the digestive and respiratory functions frequently affected in long-time smokers.
Exotab® is effective in reducing the smoking addiction. Administered before smoking, it determines aversion against cigarettes. Moreover, it reduces the unpleasant effects caused by the absence of smoking, especially the state of discomfort. Frequently administered, it determines the progressive reduction of the number of smoked cigarettes.

reduces smoking addiction.


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