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Faringoxin spray

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Faringoxin effectively fights sore throats, reduces the inflammation, relieves the airways. The propolis extract acts as a very good antiviral, antibacterial agent for the throat and oral cavity. Echinacea increases the capacity of the body to fight against infectious agents due to the local immunostimulation effect. The pine nuts have an antiseptic and antibacterial effectiveness. The mint oil is an effective local antiseptic, as well as a very good decongestant of the airways. All these effects make Faringoxin be a very good calming drug for pain in the oral cavity and pharynx, as it decreases inflammation and decongests airways.

Oropharyngeal infections and inflammations, local adjutant of antibiotics treatment in severe oropharyngeal diseases (febrile or suppurative) and in tonsilitis.


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