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Formen is specially created to improve the men's sex life, leading to a better quality of life. It contains species of plants with proven efficiency on the male sexual function:  they have positive effects on the erectile function and libido, increase the motility of the spermatozoa and the level of testosterone, determining a proerectile action. Tribulus terrestris is the plant used from ancient times due to its effects on the stimulation of the male sexual function.  Siberian ginseng enhances the activity of the spermatozoa and eliminates the states of stress. The ginkgo biloba extract improves the blood flow, determining a better vasodilatation.  Celery is the plant known for the improvement of the male sexual tone. The Serenoa repens extract improves the male sexual activity. The addition of L-taurine determines the improvement of the energy level in the body.
Formen enhances virility, potency, determining the improvement of the sexual life in men.

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