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Ginkoven 50% FREE

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Ginkoven is a complex made of plants and mineral with bioactive properties that positively influence the blood circulation of the body. The standardized effect of Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow (especially in the brain), stimulated the mental function, and positively influences memory and other functions of the brain. Salix alba (willow) has been used for centuries due to its positive effects on the human body. It prevents platelets aggregation, an important effect in the case of cardiovascular disorders. Vaccinium myrthillus (blueberry) is rich in anthocyanin glycosides effective in vascular disorders, due to the beneficial effect on the blood flow. It improves brain activity, preventing short-term memory loss. Magnesium is a mineral indispensable for the ideal operation of the cardiovascular system.

It stimulates the cerebral blood flow

• It stimulates the cerebral and peripheral blood flow
• Improves the capacity of concentration and memory
• It is useful in (vascular) hearing and sight disorders
• It is antioxidant, slowing down the aging processes

Recommendations: Ginkoven is recommended for blood flow disorders in the brain and limb extremities; it is beneficial for elderly people, as it improves the capacity of concentration and attention; it is useful in vascular hearing and sight disorders. It supplies energy, improving the quality of life.

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