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Imunocaps contains an effective combination of biologically active substances that determine a better capacity of defense of the body against bacterial and viral infections.   It is a mild immunostimulant, effective in the case of infections, especially influenza. Echinacea purpurea proved its efficiency by improving the defense capacity of the body against infections:   it is an immunostimulant that acts by increasing the unspecific defense capacity of the body; it activates phagocytosis and stimulates fibroblasts. Pollen is a product of the bee hive, with numerous uses due to the high content of vitamins and minerals.   Siberian ginseng is an immunomodulator, it increases the antibody and cell immunity by stimulating the immunocompetent cells, especially of T-helper lymphocytes.  It improves the resistance of the body and reduces the frequency of diseases. The rosehip fruit have a very high content of vitamin C (1000 mg%). Imunocaps provides a vitamins intake: B complex, vitamin C that support the proper activity of the body in case of flue or cold. It is an antioxidant and adaptogenic product, increasing the resistance of the body against various infectious agents as well against stress.

Imunocaps is recommended for the improvement of defense capacity of the body against infectious agents; it is effective in case of flue and cold.


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