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Memostim contains an effective combination of biologically active substances that positively influence the concentration capacity and the memory. The Gingko biloba extract stimulates the cerebral blood flow, thus improving the functions of the brain. Magnesium is a mineral essential to the activity of the nervous system; it ensures the ideal operation of the metabolic system, the production of energy necessary for the body. Lecithin acts at a cerebral level, determining the increase of the memorizing and learning capacity. Siberian ginseng is adaptogenic, a stimulant of the physical and intellectual capacity; it improves the concentration and reaction capacity. Green tea contains theine, that stimulates the mental functions and eliminate the feeling of tiredness.

Recommendations: It is ideal for pupils and students; persons who need support for the intellectual functions. It has beneficial effects in the capacity of concentration and memorizing; eliminates the feeling of physical and mental tiredness.

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