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Neuro Protect

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NeuroProtect™ contains biologically active natural substances that favorably intervene in order to preserve the operating state and health of the brain. It reduces the progressive loss of neurons caused by the aging or injury of NCS, brain ischaemic processes; it stimulates the neurogenesis and the regeneration of the neurons through an action similar to the neuronal growth factors. The standardized effect of Ginkgo biloba improves blood flow (especially in the brain), stimulates the mental function, and positively influences memory and other functions of the brain. Curcuma longa (turmeric), through the dissolution of microplates that are formed between the brain neurons, leads to the significant slowing down of symptoms specific to Alzheimer's disease and its effects. The standardized extract of Lycium barbarum (goji berry), through its unique polysaccharide molecules and its antioxidant properties, prevents aging


Recommendations: NeuroProtect™ delays the natural aging processes and preserves a high general tone, improves unpleasant symptoms related to old age; protects cells and tissues in the body against the harmful oxidative attack of the free radicals that it can neutralize and eliminate. It helps improve the capacity to learn, memorize, and disseminate information, verbal fluency, concentration, vigilance and attention, improvement of the emotional state, sociability, adaptability, motor capacity.
Recommended dose: 1 cps x 2/day, administered up to 4 pm, during meals. The product should be administered at least 3 months.

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