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Sedoral® helps induce sleep, significantly contributes to the improvement of its quality. The combination of the plants in association with melatonin determines the relaxation of the body, favorable to inducing sleep, and it makes it easier to fall asleep. Valerian has a strong binding affinity to the GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) receptors, very important to the body in order to regulate sleep-wake rhythm, determining on one hand its release and on the other hand its recapturing. Passiflora is known for its effectiveness in eliminating stress, determining the development of a soothing state and reducing the mental tension. Melatonin is the biologically active substance that favors the induction of sleep without unpleasant effects upon awakening. 

Sedoral® improves the quality of sleep and reduces agitation. It ensures the activity of the body in ideal conditions in cases of mental agitation, imbalances of the vegetative nervous system.

Insomnias, improvement of hyperexcitability states, neurovegetative disorders. It ensures the recovery of the body after long periods of overwork, accompanied by dysfunctions in inducing and quality of sleep.

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