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Propolis tincture 30%

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Propolis is considered to be one of the most valuable bee products, due to its therapeutic efficiency in numerous diseases.

It is a very good bacteriostatic and bactericide agent, being considered a veritable natural antibiotic and antiviral drug. It is effective in mycosis (candida albicans). It is anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It fights enteritis, intestinal parasitosis, stomach pain, and gastroduodenal ulcer. It maintains the health of the cardiovascular system. It prevents diseases involving free radicals (ophthalmologic, cardiovascular, respiratory, etc. disorders).


Internal: disorders of the upper airways (flue, cold, tonsillitis, pharyngitis), digestive disorders (enteritis, colitis, intestinal virus diseases), parasitosis, genitourinary diseases.
External: scarring agent, with a role in regenerating the affected tissues, burns, atonic lesions, and various forms of lumpy skin.

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